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Manila Comedy School

So you want to learn how to be a stand up comedian?

Manila Comedy School might be the answer!

Do you already have experience, and want to take it to the next level?

You want to learn to write comedy for sitcoms, late night television or magazines? Or do you just want to learn how to be funny in your everyday life, to get more customers, get more response from your students or your meetings or even your congregation? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

manila comic school
Manila Comic School

According to The Manila News-Intelligencer (Manila’s largest newspaper), learning comedy has never been easier! Now Jojo Sanchez, professional comedian and writer for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show is going to show in BABY STEPS how to take a blank page and turn it into comedy material that pops. JoJo demonstrates the structure of how jokes are formulated and gets you creating jokes from scratch right away.

Manila Comedy School’s Stand Up Comedy Clinic is hands down the top comedy school in Manila. Jerry has an unmatched ability to break down the art of comedy into a science, imparting breakthrough comedy writing techniques and formulas to his classes in a high-energy, performance style, that will not only teach you the comedy writing secrets the pros use, but he’ll keep you laughing too.

We are in Manila!

The Manila Comedy School (Manila) mission is simple: to advance the art and appreciation of comedy improv in the Baltimore region through enthusiastic participation and education.  Since our founding, BIG has continued to enhance the quality of, expand participation in, and foster the appreciation for improv throughout Baltimore.

As Manila Comedy School continues to grow, we envision awareness of, participation in and passion for improv comedy to continue spreading throughout the Baltimore region; we similarly envision improv’s infectious culture of support to spread throughout the greater Baltimore area, inspiring community and creativity among all.


Bernadette Balagtas

Bernadette Balagtas grew up in the Philippines. Her parents struggled to bring her and her three sisters to America in hopes of providing a better life. Once in America, Bernadette’s main goal was to be a contestant on the legendary game show “The Price is Right”. While in the Philippines, she saw a man win a washer and dryer by bidding one dollar and thought to herself, “Wow, only in America.”

Bernadette started performing after she grasped the English language. Occasionally, she would slip from English to her native language which made for very interesting school plays. After high school, she pursued a nursing career because if you were Filipino you had to be a nurse. It’s the LAW! Her big break came when she beat out over a thousand girls for the lead role of Rose Mercado in the critically acclaimed movie “The Debut”. This ground breaking film is the first Filipino-American movie ever made and released in the United States. Roger Ebert gave it a “thumbs up” and stated that “newcomer Bernadette Balagtas has marquis potential”.

Acting was a great outlet but Bernadette missed the immediate response she would receive while doing live theater. As a result, she decided to try stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. After her set, Mitzi Shore told her she was very funny and charming and to keep at it. Bernadette then combined her acting and comedy skills to perform a one-woman show called “Faces of America”. The show consisted of nine different characters and dealt with issues of multi-culturalism and diversity. For two years she toured across the country at colleges and universities. During this experience Bernadette continued her education receiving her theater-arts performance degree from California State University of Long Beach.

Since that day, Bernadette has continued pursuing her acting and comedy career at comedy clubs, college/corporate events, and church functions across the country. Her energy, stage presence and clever wit has made Bernadette Balagtas one of the most talked about newcomers in stand-up comedy. Since she will never be a nurse, she hopes to fulfill her mother’s dreams by someday playing one on TV.

Joey Guila

Manila Comedy School will give you the power to quickly shift one’s mood of bleakness to that of cheer and liveliness. Despite one’s race, religion, ethnicity, and social class; it has the capability of uniting people from different backgrounds together, serving as a common denominator to all. It is one thing to be a comedian who can conceive an uproar of laughter in a crowd. However, to be a comedian who can inspire a crowd at the same time is a rare find. Joey Guila has been using his talents of bringing comic relief to his audience while directing his acts to help improve their well-being.

Edwin San Juan

Well known in the entertainment industry as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic, Robert’s a veteran of over 1,500 episodes of such shows as The New Adventures of Old Christine, Just Shoot Me, Becker and The Drew Carey Show. His job is to keep countless audiences entertained for hours between scenes and costume and set changes with rapid-fire ad-libs and humorous interviews.

No stranger in front of the camera either, Edwin San Juan has been seen on the Bananas Comedy series, Showtime’s The Joke’s On Thee, VH1’s Stand Up Spotlight, Comic Strip Live and a variety of roles on such sitcoms as Wings and Perfect Strangers.

Manila Comedy School’s Edwin San Juan has combined his Christian world view with his Monty Python sensibility and written many Veggie Tales videos such as “Little Joe,” “Gideon” and “Sheerluck Holmes.”

To top it off, Edwin San Juan just released his latest comedy project, “Wisenheimer” and just finished post production on “Can I Get A Witness Protection?” a full length faith-based screwball comedy feature he wrote and directed.

Comedy Writting at the Manila Comedy School

Our acclaimed comedy writing course is now delivered live online with Zoom.

Two former Think Funny students write:

“I attended one of your comedy writing courses.  A few years later I co-wrote the BBC One sitcom Peter Kay’s Car Share. I’m working on a couple of new sitcoms now and wanted to get in touch to say thanks – I got loads of useful tips, tools and motivation from your workshops.”  TIM REID.

“I wanted to say thanks for the brilliant course.  I’ve done a couple of similar ones, but yours was on another level. Your approach to the mechanics made so much sense. It all clicked in a way it hasn’t before and that’s down to the way you explain things, the years of first-hand experience you’ve had and the fact that you made it all so much fun. Thank you so much.” —

Andrew Orolfo

Wherever you are in the world you can now join up to 9 other participants LIVE online with one of Brian Luff’s acclaimed comedy writing courses via video conferencing.

(Fast internet connection & download of free Zoom software.)

These online courses set out a number of successful formulae and powerful tools for writing comedy, passing on numerous techniques that Brian has developed writing for fringe, television, radio and digital. While looking at the disciplines of sketch writing, sitcom and stand-up, students learn how the pros use repetition, callback, reversal and other tricks of the trade to make the audience laugh. The courses are also a lot of fun and a great opportunity to make contact with like-minded people and fellow writers! Non-compulsory writing assignments are set as “homework” between each live session and then reviewed by the group the following week. No previous experience is necessary for this online course.

  • You’ll get a thorough understanding of the techniques used by comedy writers.
  • It’ll be an opportunity to have your comedy scripts workshopped, discussed and critiqued by your fellow students online.
  • You’ll receive numerous tips on how to pitch your scripts and ideas to producers.
  • You’ll have a chance to network and collaborate with other budding writers online.

At the beginning of 2020 our first course of the year took place at one of the world’s oldest and most respected comedy clubs, Downstairs at the Kings Head in London. Now we are offering a unique opportunity to join our next course from the comfort of your own home, wherever your location.

A maximum of 10 students will work together online to brainstorm and script short comedy routines and sketches. Time is also spent looking at scriptwriting for stand-up and the structure of television sitcom. You’ll use Zoom breakout rooms to write in pairs and small groups.

You’ll learn about agents, commissioning editors and development producers and get some invaluable tips on how to get your scripts onto their desks. If you’re serious about writing comedy this is one of the best sets of workshops in the business.

Brian has written for sketch shows on ITV and Channel 5 and co-created a cult late night comedy series for Channel 4 and MTV. He has worked as a senior producer and talent scout for the BBC’s online comedy unit and as series producer for the TV series Cosmic Comedy. Brian has also written and performed in numerous comedy shows on the London and Edinburgh Fringe and is a multi award-winning short film maker.

Brian’s courses and live fringe showcases have helped to launch the careers of numerous emerging TV writer/performers including Nick Helm, Imran Yusuf, Tom Davis, Cardinal Burns, Joe Wilkinson and Perrier Award winner Laura Solon. See also our personalised Courses.

Stand Up Comedy Classes Are Virtually On!

Through Zoom we have created a virtual classroom for our evening classes. Our private writing sessions will happen over video and/or the phone. The workshop will culminate with two shows. One will be live-streamed. Your friends and family will be able to watch the show for free. Your second show will be at one of NYC’s top comedy clubs (Gotham, Stand Up New York, West Side Comedy Club) when the city reopens.

These workshops are conducted by award-winning comedy director, founder of the American Comedy Institute, and author of the book, “Mastering Stand Up,” Stephen Rosenfield.

While ACI is operating virtually, the price of the workshop will be significantly reduced. The workshop, normally costing P1000 for first-time students will now be P800. For returning students, normally P800, the workshop will be P500.

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